The fine Organic Cashew is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, and linoleic acid.
It belongs to the most low-calorie and most low-fat nuts.

Our organic cashews have a very delicate, buttery flavor.
They are similar sweet like almonds, however more creamy and much softer.

The black sesame has a mild, nutty flavor and is therefore ideal for our dessert.
A distinctive look is given to the nut by the black sesame swab, which is under the glossy surface.
The cashews are baked with organic cane sugar.

The black sesame is known from Japanese cuisine and medicine.
In Chinese dietetics, the millennia old energetic nutrition teaching of the Chinese, black sesame is considered a powerful agent for the "root energy" of the kidneys and liver.
It is rumored to be the only food that rebuilds the kidney essence.