In the course of our organic certification, we have decided to roast the Hamburg Gold Almond with organic almonds and organic cane sugar.

Our Spanish organic almonds consist mostly of almond kernels of the variety Largueta. Given that the purity of organic cultivation can not be guaranteed, we would like to point out that possibly another Spanish organic almond from a different variety may have been smuggled into the selection.

Through the edible gold leaf we cannot declare our Hamburg Gold Almonds as a pure organic product, but we do pay attention to only roast with ingredients of the highest quality and best taste.

In our search for new recipes and ingredients we had strong flavor variations by organic cinnamon mixtures that were not beneficial. Since this is not a declared organic product, we will stick to our original cinnamon spice for a better taste until further notice.


Our specially used type of almond called Largueta has a very characteristic elongated shape and exceptional organoleptic characteristics. Their sweet taste will impress even the most discerning palate. In Spain, they are used as a snack, namely roasted with the skin because this can be removed easily.

The confectionery industry preferred for the production of sugar almonds the Largueta because it belongs to a large size class. The greatest demand for peeled Largueta for such processing exists in Germany.




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Gold is suitable for consumption. The EU, Switzerland and the United States allow the use of gold in food.
In the food industry, edible gold leaf is designated for consumption with the registration E175.